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Under the Hood of Sectionals

We’ve all seen all sorts of sectionals in living rooms. They now look different and act differently than those we have seen in the past. No longer is a sectional merely a modular sofa, it’s a group of interacting parts with many of them hidden. It may very well be the most versatile piece of furniture you’ll ever have.

Shape – From Then to Now

The sectional’s origin dates back to Victorian times when they would shove two sofas together. In the post War era, the sectional got a makeover for style creating the multiple integrated seats we are familiar with now.

Since that time, the traditional L or U shape has even softened to create seating inserts to make corners round or to achieve semi-circles or even S shapes. All of these options are dependent on the complete offerings of any given manufacturer in order to match all the visible components to retain the sectional look.

All the Possibilities

The three most important things to know in advance of considering a sectional are the dimensions of your room, how you think you want the sectional to be positioned in the space and how it will be used. If you see having a guest now and then or want to watch your TV from a certain position or need to have adjustable leg positions, these usages will drive your best outcome.

From this information, the selection process begins by finding the right combination of components (end pieces, corner pieces, etc.) to physically and stylistically, the elements that you can’t see can be considered. And there are more than you think.

Corners can have angles in them creating more legroom. Different sections can be of different widths or different leg lengths to create lounge seating. Sections can now have embedded in them the same types of features found in home theater seating; like adjustable headrests and leg rests, sleepers and recliners.


The most looked at item in a room is a turned-on TV.  The second is your clock. Investing in a statement of your favorite style to admire every time you look at it is far more than most people ever say about their TV!

The most looked at item in a room is your turned-on TV.  The second is your clock. Investing in a sectional of your favorite style which you can admire every time you look at it is far more than most people ever say about their TV!

What You Don’t See

Hidden inside your sections you can choose from an array of organizational and storage options. Seats and armrests can lift up to reveal a storage space. Your sections can have USB or mobile phone charging capability, too.


All these choices, from the compartments to the headrests to different module possibilities, fabrics, configurations are all specific to individual manufacturers. This reality is why finding the best configuration for you based on a full survey of possible choices is so important. Because our suppliers are “Made to Order”, they tend to have a broader range of choice individually since their livelihood is based on customization, not predicting the average. We love talking about possibilities and are happy to guide you through a consideration process to help you get your best outcome.


Whether you call it the living room or the family room, it is likely where your family spends the most time together. Getting it just right is really important. And, it’s our specialty.