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Lighting + Art + Mirrors + Rugs

Just like the right piece of jewelry, the accents you put in your home become the things that make you happy and invite conversations from others. These accents define your style.


Wood, metal, glass, base color, shade type, chandelier, pendant styles, all of these are the considerations you can make as you choose exactly what you were need to light up your room. Here are some examples.


No room is complete without something on the wall or on a surface to make you happy, make you curious, put you at ease, or set your mood. Color, subject, photo, stylized, natural, boxes, candle holders, bottles, we have a very wide assortment of concepts to find the right one for that eye catchingspot. Here are some examples.

Mirrors – Wall, Table and Floor

Mirrors reflect the beauty that is already in your room. Well positioned and right-sized mirrors will increase the perspective of the room and repeat elements in the room in the reflection AND in the style and shape of the frame. Here are some examples.


Colors, patterns, textures, materials – we have a large assortment of casual rugs to bring life to your any room. Let’s find the rug style, color, and size that suits your room. Be sure you bring pictures. Here are some examples.

Clocks – Table, Floor & Wall

Clocks provide a visual reference to the ongoing movement of time as well as an easy way to see the time of day. From modern Grandfather style uprights with chimes, to wall size art styles, to classic furniture top styles, to desk clocks for business awards, if seeing the time is important to you, we have choices. Here are some examples.