Recliner Loveseats, Sofas, Sectionals

The technology inside a modern recliner is amazing. Imagine not even plugging it into a wall! Finding the right stylistic look combined with the right technology capabilities is how we find your style together.

Lift Chairs and Zero Gravity

Lift Chairs for seniors or elderly are very popular in our store. Lift chairs after surgery also, such as for hip replacement or knee replacement, or for edema or diabetics who need to lift legs to the heart level or the head level. An added benefit is the Zero Gravity position, and also Lay Flat. Golden Technology and UltraComfort are the same company. Our store can order motors or handheld controls for these, and also can make the repairs for UltraComfort lift chairs.

From $950

Recliner Sofas, Loveseats & Sectionals

What if you had two adjacent recliners in one seat. Find out how to put two ideas together to reduce the space needed for recliners in your Living Room. Some are manual, most are with power headrest and power lumbar. Here are some examples.

From $1496

Home Theater Recliners

For the optimum in movie watching or game playing these home theater recliners bring added features to their settings and arms, and are, of course, fully motorized. Connect 3 together to make a theater couch or sofa. Here are some examples.

From $1250