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The Stools at Your Counter

Many homes have counters of some kind. Often these spaces are part of a lot of everyday activity. Many an important conversation has been had at the counter in most homes.

For many, the idea of refreshing their Counter Stools becomes a necessity as the stools begin to show their usage over time. This short list of tips may help you in going about choosing new ones.

Counter Height

Before you even begin to shop get a measurement of the counter (or bar) height under which your stools will be. Stools basically come in two different heights. The height of the seat needs to be different depending on whether your counter is 35-37”, which is the general height of work surfaces in a kitchen, or 40-43”, the general height of a counter above the work surfaces in a kitchen. Knowing which counter height, you have you’ll be able to focus your time looking at stools made in the right height for your needs.


You should allow for 24”-30” width per person at your counter or bar. Depending on the choices you make in the overall scale of your stools, the same size stool can look large or petite. Starting with knowing your space and how many linear feet of counter you have is a great way to begin.


Back or No Back, Arms or No Arms and Swivel

How long will people be sitting on these stools and how much volume do you want the stools to have? How easy do you want it to be get in and out of your stools? The answer to these considerations will determine how much comfort and how much visual space your stools will occupy. Low backs and no arms will take up less volume and can allow you to get an extra seat in some circumstances. Greater padding or arms adds to the volume of a stool which may or may not fit the look you have in mind for your space. A swivel can allow people to get out of the stool without even moving it.


Seat and Cushion

Just as with the questions above, this choice takes into account how long people sit on the stool. It  often comes down to the volume of the chair although the overall style of the space can influence the choice as well. Sitting on a stool for 10-15 minutes at a time or an hour or two makes a big difference in what your body or your family’s bodies will want to experience.


Wood or Metal

Most people have a rather clear perspective on this from the beginning. Then when the start to to look at all the options they see more possibilities. One consideration is whether you are drawn to style or material as a visual statement, which means it’s a bit different than the rest of the style in the space. Of course, that is perfectly acceptable style-wise depending on whether you want your stools and counter to be a focal point or to be an extension of the rest of your design. Don’t be afraid to at least consider the opposite of what you thought at the beginning. Many times, that’s exactly where a designer begins.


Bring in your dimensions, an image or two and let’s go over the showroom samples and the catalogs of the 4 suppliers we work with all the time. Whether you need 2 or 20, we have literally hundreds of options for you to consider.