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The Modern Tech in Recliners for More Comfort and Convenience

Today’s recliners have technology embedded in them far beyond the recliners of the past. If you or someone you know is uncomfortable in their existing chair, any or all of the features below can be part of their future, providing comfort and ease of use that could not even be considered only 20 years ago.

Independent Foot Lift and Recline

It used to be that when your chair reclined, it all moved as a unit; the back reclines while the footrest rises. Not anymore. Those functions can be separate to create a much broader array of positions to be comfortable. Imagine slightly reclined with the feet on the floor or not reclined with the feet off the floor a little. Stay in the conversation around you by partially sitting up or be ready to go with with your feet partially down with these new capabilities.

Lift Chairs

For many people the most difficult aspect of sitting is getting up out of the chair. You’ve likely seen people struggling for one of many reasons trying to get that last bit of energy together to get up to vertical from a comfortable seated position.

Recliner seats can now pivot on the lower front edge continuing to push a person past merely seated to just short of standing. This single capability can be a life changer for people with back problems or who lack the muscle strength to push themselves to verticality.

Custom Preset Positions

Along with these advancements come improvements in what are now handheld controls. With multiple action possibilities and the likelihood that no two people want the same exact positions (like the old chairs), these new controls offer ways to program specific positions for the back or the feet so that there is no guesswork about how far or how long to hold the button to reach that “perfect” comfort position needed for the moment.

New Health Benefits

Beyond just comfort, people with back problems often need different settings or independent movements of the back and feet. Add to that list a term Zero Gravity and you have a chair that someone can raise the legs above their heart to increase overall blood circulation. Many people now sleep in recliners. In a Zero Gravity version, that sleep, whether all night or not, can be MORE comfortable than lying flat because the body will almost float in position (hence, Zero-Gravity).

For many medical and physical reasons, these chairs can bring incredible symptom relief to people whose lives have become pretty uncomfortable.

Theater Style

Over the last decade movie houses have been refurnishing theaters with far more comfortable seating. Not coincidentally, it’s possible to get these types of chairs for your home to create a wonderful place to watch entertainment on large screens. These chairs can be found in many dimensions, in convertible sofas and loveseats and with assorted capabilities in the armrests, from cupholders to storage to lighting and tables.

If you have any curiosity about the new capabilities in the modern recliner, or if you or someone you know is looking for one, come in and see and sit in the examples we have in our Showroom. It’s almost certain that the chair you need, in the fabric and with the capabilities that best suit you can be made to order to your style and function needs.