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The Art on Your Walls

Over time, we’ve learned that many folks are intimidated when selecting art for their homes. Of all the things that you buy for your home — a bit like choosing jewelry or your watch — this selection should be the most personal of all. It should completely be reflective of who you are, and what you love.

Since our suppliers have hundreds of images, grouped in all the right ways, we are different than a gallery where what you see is what you get.  You are restricted to their size, color, and format. In our case, you can choose from thousands of images, materials, and sizes to meet the exact needs of the space that is calling you. That aside, how do you figure out what might be nice in any location?

Your Interests

The art that you choose to surround yourself within your home should have meaning to you, are beautiful to look at, and enhance the ambiance of being in the room for you. Fit with the color scheme, or complement the textures or use of the room, and have the appropriate scale are also considerations. Foremost, the artwork must make you feel good!

Hobbies like travel, gardening, or wine become wonderful artwork opportunities. Affinities like dogs, horses or boats will create a different tone altogether. Landscapes, seascapes, mountains or forests can evoke many different feelings. The built worlds of architecture or industrial imagery can be comforting for those who are drawn to structure or human ingenuity.

The Room Will Guide You

When it comes to each room, consider scale and image choices Here are examples

Kitchen – It is common to find artwork in clusters, or art with actual messages, or artwork of botanicals or food, or decorative clocks.

Bedroom –Peaceful or relaxing art in softer or more abstract imagery, to encourage the transitions of waking up and going to sleep.

Bathroom – In the space over the towel bar or above the toilet, consider vacation themes or complement the hardware of the room in color or style or visuals that contrast with the colors of the room.

Home Office – Artwork that inspires or can be revolved at any time. These pieces should help you focus and be productive.

Living Room – Where you live and play, you’ll put your favorite subjects. These can be focal pieces that tell others who you are. Since this is where you live, entertain and relax, why not live with what you love?

Foyer – Whether the wall is curved or straight, diagonal from stairs, or cathedral high, this art will be the first that your guests will see as they enter.

Interior Decorator Secrets

Color – Every room has a basic color scheme and texture of some sort. Bathrooms are generally hard and smallish and benefit from softer art visuals. Bedrooms or living rooms may have colors that encourage or discourage other candidate colors. Kitchens suggest images of plants or messages to reinforce your life. The kitchen is where you spend time frequently during the day, so the art here will get a lot of sightings

Sizes – From small historical photos with giant mats, to ultra-large 4’ x 5’ hand paintings, consider the best size for the art in the space you want it. Maybe a grouping of small images will be even more personal than one large piece.

Lighting – Spotlights from the ceiling or recessed alcove, or uplights from the floor, will add drama.

Medium – Considerable variety, such as reproductions, hand painting on canvas, with or without frames; glass over prints; pictures printed directly onto the reverse side of the glass; 3-D medium; metallic paint added into the picture; and more.

Rotation – Don’t feel forced to keep each piece in that exact position for the next 20 years. Move them around like a gallery. Your home isn’t a museum. You can easily give anything a sabbatical in the garage for a year.

Why This Process is Easy with Us

Galleries have inventory limited to specific sizes, shapes, and artists. Our suppliers can resize many images (even paintings) into various sizes and display options. They have already curated for you the content and the rest is about fitting it into your room. This curation frequently illustrates additional decorative accessories to further embrace your favorite art.  Together we will shop by subject, type, or style.

Your Next Step

Bring in your wall dimensions, pictures of your room, along with your ideas, and we can find possibilities for you. Like sharing a glass of wine or coffee, it’s always fun. Finishing off a room with art that reflects who you are is incredibly satisfying, just like finding the right jewelry or watch. Once you have it, you can’t understand why it took you so long.