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Lift Chairs, Comfort and Wellness

My father had terrible arthritis in his knees all through his adult life from playing football, WWII injuries and a life of climbing utility poles. For him, getting in and out of chairs was a real struggle. In a time prior to knee surgeries, there were no solutions to make that every day effort easier and less painful. Little could I have imagined that years later I would be helping so many people through our business to improve their mobility and their wellness with the new generation of Lift-Recliner chairs.

That comfort doesn’t stop at getting in and out of the chair. My mom would have benefitted from today’s versions of wellness chairs. My mom was mobility impaired with her swollen ankles and a cracked femur. Being able to lift her legs higher in her chair, and then also help her to get out of the chair, would have made her so much more comfortable. If I had known then, what I know now…..

But that does not need to be the case for your family members, friends or neighbors.

We all resist admitting we need help. It often takes others to show us the possibilities for greater comfort and greater wellness. With that hindsight and in the spirit of the season of giving I hope this overview on Lift and Wellness chairs may serve you or someone you care about to be more comfortable.

Happy Thanksgiving, (and please feel free to share this article),


How is the Lift Chair Different from a Recliner?

For many people getting in and out of the chair is a struggle. Lift chairs pivot forward, pushing the back higher and forward and raising the hips above the knees, to just short of standing. This single capability is a life changer for people with back or leg problems or who lack the muscle strength to push themselves up and out of a chair.


Adding Independent Foot Lift and Recline

Beyond the Chair Lift capability, adding elevated feet and infinite recline create the best of all possibilies. These separated functions create a limitless array of comfortable sitting and reclined positions, all of which permit easy in and out of the chair.


Custom Preset Positions

With so many action possibilities, you can customize your specific positions for your back or feet with preset buttons to remove the guesswork of how far or how long to hold the button to reach your “perfect” comfort position for the moment.


Health Benefits from Zero Gravity

The addition of the Zero Gravity position identifies chairs that raise the legs above the heart to increase overall blood circulation, which is frequently prescribed by doctors. This chair provides comfort for many conditions during all times of day, and even sleeping there all night.