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It’s Time for Clocks

Appointment times, lunchtime, bedtime, meeting time, dinner time, sunset time, the list can go on and on. We even think we manage time, which actually manages us. Our phones have clocks. Lots of people wear watches, and even appliances have clocks on them. (In fact, I average two clocks in each room in my house, so I can leave at the last possible ‘minute’!)

It wasn’t always that way. Mechanical clocks date back to the 1300s. In the mid-1800s, clocks could be found in many places but, only showed a local time based on high sun-noon each day.

Local Solar Time

Local “solar time” did not work for railroad schedules and to avoid collisions. The telegraph increased the need for some sort of synchronization of time in multiple locations. By the 1870s the railroads adopted time zones and produced schedules for their national network. In 1883, dividing the U.S. into four time zones was formalized with a single signal from a telegraph in Chicago.

We now take for granted all the places that time displays can be found, and most are synchronized with actual atomic time.

Why Clocks

Clocks can make statements or soothing sounds in rooms. A clock is dimensional art as described by the style of face, hands and the crafting of its housing or cabinet. They are a piece of art that moves, continuous motion, by virtue of a second hand or a pendulum, adding calm to any room. Some have soothing chimes or a ticking sound that can bring serenity after a stressful day.

The most looked at item in a room is a turned-on TV.  The second is your clock. Investing in a statement of your favorite style to admire every time you look at it is far more than most people ever say about their TV!

Types of Clocks

When many people hear Floor Clocks they think of Grandfather clocks and other pendulum type clocks with meticulously decorated faces. Times have changed!  Modern floor clocks now incorporate historic or modern motifs. Materials can vary dramatically from metals and glass to traditional wood..

You might find Table Clocks on a counter, nightstand or buffet. It may be a formal looking shaped wood housing or a brass housing with two bells on a nightstand. Any horizontal surface can embrace the right clock and create a combination that looks like they were purchased together. There are also table clocks where the clock is actually embedded into the table.

Wall Clocks can measure from 8” to 48”. Cuckoo clocks, images or tourist destinations on the face, exposed gear clocks, round, square or rectangular, or 3-D surfaces. These clocks can be clustered with artwork or décor.

Wine Country Fine Furniture has expanded our clock selections and can show you many styles and colors as well as customizable options. Please come in any TIME and be sure to bring a photo or two of the room so we can find the right clocks for your home.