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In the Community, Gratitude and Holiday Possibilities

In the Community: Our Delivery Helpers

We do all we can to support our local community. We have hired many high school students as delivery helpers over the years. We love seeing these committed individuals and teaching them the importance of respecting the homes into which we go to deliver your furniture. For all the times I read about our youth and the problems they are having, I have a story about how the committed ones that find us are not like that at all.             Cooper, Gabriel, Tyler, Cole, Chris, Indy, Brayden, Gary and Peyton.

Gratitude for the Season

Thanksgiving brings us pause to reflect on all that we have in life. In just these last few weeks, we’ve delivered furniture to 4 separate families who lost everything in the Tubbs Fire, now 5 years ago. For these families, getting back to “normal” is far beyond what the rest of us may have experienced through the Pandemic. We are so honored and grateful to be able to provide for these people what we hope is helping to create the foundation for their start over. (We’ve seen this “begin from scratch” experience firsthand with over 150 other families.)

Holiday Possibilities

Maybe you’re hosting a gathering for the Holidays. Maybe someone you love and care about is in need of some more comfortable places to relax in their home. Whatever it may be, we are excited about our new reality:

  • We now carry lots of inventory.
  • Our 25% or more off of the Suggested Retail Price on ALL PRODUCTS.

We hear a lot that people want to shop online, which we fully support by putting example pieces from our collections on our website. However, there are two big challenges with buying online.

  • You can’t try out the comfort, the materials, or the fit to ensure it meets your expectations.
  • It’s very difficult to return or exchange furniture to an online seller.

For these reasons, we don’t offer online shopping. Instead, we offer online browsing.

If you or a loved one need something, for whatever room, for whatever reason, now may be exactly the right time to be looking at the possibilities. We love seeing the joy our Customers have when we deliver their new furniture to their home.

If we can do anything for you or your friends, let us know. We want to help make your Home a place you love to be – and ALWAYS at a great price.

Thank you for letting us into your home. Happy Veterans Day and Thanksgiving to you and your family.

Bonnie and Jack