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How to Make a Cozy Theater Room in Your Home

If you’re eager to change the aesthetic of your home, there is no better time to redecorate than in the winter. One of the best ways to make your home cozier is to add a theater room. Having a private cinema in your home is the perfect cozy getaway.

It is simple to add a theater room to your home! Let’s look at how you can start decorating:

Switch Out Your Coffee Table for an Oversized Ottoman

To create a cozier feel in your room, consider tucking your coffee table away and switch it with an oversized ottoman. Ottomans are soft, plush, and a great way to add some cozy/warm feelings to your living space. They’re great to kick your feet up on to relax, or you can dress it up with a decorative tray and use it as a coffee table.

Plus, most ottomans also have extra storage, perfect for keeping spare blankets and throw pillows.

Add a Media Center to Your Room!

Everyone needs a sturdy media center (or two) to add to their home. They look great featured against a wall to hold your T.V. A media center is a must-have furniture piece in your cinema room. You can choose from various colors and trims so that your media center or wall unit will be the perfect attention-grabbing piece for your room!

Entertainment centers help keep everything organized while creatively displaying your favorite mementos. Our entertainment centers even come with optional side piers and top sections for extra storage, with three-touch lighting.

Home Theater Recliners

Leather Recliners

For your cinema room to be complete, you’ll want home theater recliners for the optimum movie watching experience. Our home theater recliners bring added features to their settings and arms and are fully motorized. You can get creative and connect three to make a theater couch, even with wedge arms, or you can display them on their own!

Our home theater chairs are available in 10 contemporary colors and grommets for 5 accessories:

  • LED light
  • Swivel table
  • Tablet or cell phone holder
  • Insulated popcorn bowl
  • Wine glass holder

Enjoy your favorite movies with more accessories than a theater can provide!

How to Evaluate New Furniture for Your Cinema Room

Are you ready to make your living space cozy? Wine Country Fine Furniture will help you find the perfect pieces for your cinema room, and we can customize it to your style. All our pieces are “Made to Order,” so come in, sit in our comfortable seats, and enjoy the selection experience!