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How to Avoid Allergies from Your Furniture

Allergies are tough to control. Each year, there are millions of people that struggle with allergies. While we might not have control over them while we’re out and about throughout our day, we can take the initiative in our homes to prevent us from feeling less than 100%.

Make your living space more enjoyable and reduce allergens in and around your furniture by following these tips: 

Focus on Finding Dust Proof Materials

If you’re someone who experiences bad allergies throughout the year, consider filling your home with dust-resistant furniture coverings like leather and synthetic leather instead of woven fabrics. Furniture with woven fabrics have tiny holes that make it easy to collect dust if it’s not properly cleaned. In contrast, leather and vinyl fabric have a solid surfaces that are both don’t hide dust and are easy to clean.

However, if you prefer the look and feel of a woven fabric, find a more tightly woven piece.

Raise the Base of Your Furniture

If not maintained, dust and mold can collect underneath your furniture, which can trigger your allergies. Be sure to choose furniture pieces without a skirt, and with legs that raise the bottom of the piece off the floor. Having your furniture lifted above the ground will also make it easier for you to frequently sweep, mop, or vacuum in these normally hard-to-reach places.

Find Covers for Your Furniture

Depending on the piece, you can typically find allergy-proof covers for furniture that will help protect your furniture from collecting allergens. Mattresses and futons have waterproof, dust-repellent covers that can protect your mattress from allergens at all angles.

Spread Out Your Furniture

As you set up your space, avoid crowding furniture in any area. As a rule of thumb, you should be able to move around the furniture so that you can access all areas of your room to clean. Create a cleaning schedule for yourself that allows you to remove all dirt and debris regularly.

You should also invest in storage pieces to hold extra throw blankets, pillows, and other objects to avoid them from collecting dust.

Tip Up Your Furniture

Dust Bunnies will collect around the feet of your sofas and large chairs, and near any low hanging bars or motors of recliners.  Have a helper lift up one side of the furniture at a time, while you vacuum or Swiffer the dust.

Pros and Cons of Opening Your Windows

Fresh air is fantastic to breathe, and will help dry out mold.  However, if nearby trees are shedding pollen, and if the day is windy, it may blow pollen into your home.

Change your Shirt or Jacket

If you take a walk with your dog, and it is pollen season, you could wear a cap.  Then just inside your doorway, leave your cap near the door, and change into a clean shirt.

Your Dog or Cat Blanket

Pets leave dander, hair, and oil on your sofa and chair blankets.  You can frequently shake these outside (perhaps holding your breath), and/or launder them.

Avoid Calisthenics

You certainly should exercise, even in your home.  However, avoid doing calisthenics in the room where you will sit and watch TV or read later on.  Exercising will float nano-particles of dust into the air in that room.  These dust particles will float there for a long time.

Vacuum with a Mask

When a vacuum cleaner sucks in dust, it blows out air.  This air is supposedly clean, but it actually contains millions of very tiny particles.  For example, if you sprinkle scented powder onto your carpet before vacuuming, you can easily smell the scent afterwards.  As a precaution, wear a paper mask like we did for the Covid protection.


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