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Adjustable Beds: An Uplifting New World

For too many people, the opportunity to get a truly refreshing night’s sleep is hard to find. As we grow older the flat bed may not be meeting our nightly needs anymore. If you or someone you know isn’t sleeping well in their existing bed, look at these possibilities that couldn’t even be considered only 20 years ago. If this makes sense for you, come by and visit to see and feel the possibilities for yourself.

No More Box Springs

The adjustable bed and bedframe is the modern replacement for the box spring concept that was the only way beds were sold for home use. Three inventions changed the sleep world: mattresses that can ‘bend’, bed platforms with up to five ‘joints’, and quiet, compact motors to cause sections of the base to move.

Independent Head Up and Foot Up

The ability to independently control the head position and foot position creates a broad array of comfort levels. Imagine an inclined head to watch TV, or raised legs to improve circulation, or both to provide ergonomic sleep. And these just scratch the surface.

Getting out of a soft mattress bed becomes easier, too, just raise the head section a bit.

Adjustables are the Same Sizes as Other Beds

All mattresses, bases, and bed frames must meet USA standard sizings. Queen, King and California King are sized the same by all manufacturers. This means that the headboard, footboard, and side rails that you already have in your bedroom can be attached around your new adjustable bed.

Adjustable beds will hug the wall as the head rises so they don’t take up any additional space up or down. They can be split down the middle so each side is entirely independent. You can even control the other person when they start to snore.

Many people find a huge benefit when making the bed. No longer do they scrape their knuckles between the mattress and the footboard. They just raise the foot section of the adjustable base.

Custom Preset Positions

Along with these advancements come improvements in new handheld or voice controls. At the push of a remote or via an audio command like Amazon Alexa or Google Home, you can easily vary your adjustments. These new controls offer memory buttons to program specific positions for the head or the feet so that there is no guesswork about how long to hold the button to reach that “perfect” comfort position needed for the moment. You can customize presets for your favorite positions, too. Some even have flashlights built in!

Are you curious about the new capabilities in an adjustable bed, or know someone who may be? Please come in and experience the examples in our Showroom. It’s almost certain that the bed you need, in the size and with the capabilities that will change your life, is available right now.