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8 Common COVID furniture needs

Do you have these COVID furniture needs?

· Work from home – need home office desks, cabinets

· Home-school and remote or online school study areas

· Elderly assisted-living patients being sent home – need lift chairs and adjustable beds

· Better mattresses to reduce stress. Need hybrid memory foam tops

· Heat dissipating gel pillows

· Mattress protectors for ill persons. Copper ion infused.

· Zero gravity recliners, to elevate feet to heart level. Can sleep all night in recliners.

· Home theater chairs, to keep meds and fluids nearby.

Please call 707-774-6400. We can help you remotely, or use FaceTime videos of our store. We sell all of the above.


For more detail on these critical needs:

Staying at home is essential to defeating COVID-19, and home furnishings are essential for staying at home.

· With little to no warning, Americans have been directed to work from home. Many find themselves in ill-equipped spaces that hamper their productivity. Some companies may change their permanent business model after the pandemic passes, to enable employees to work partially or even entirely from home.

· With little to no warning, many families are attempting to home-school children, and students often use laptops or iPads for in remote classes. Many households lack furnishings to create basic workspaces.

· Assisted living facilities are sending elderly patients home to their families as a precaution, which leaves those families to search for beds, adjustable bases, chairs, lift recliners, and other necessary furnishings to provide proper care.

· Lift recliners also provide zero gravity and flat positions. Two enormous benefits are (a) elevate the feet higher than the heart, and (b) allowing a person to sleep all night, and feel comfortable and refreshed in the morning. (I’ve done this for 4 months when I broke my foot in June 2019, and had the best nights’ sleep in my lift chair!)

· College students are home taking online classes. Many of these students also need smaller profile desks, chairs, bookcases, etc.

· When spending more day time at home, families have more furnishings needs, both indoors and outdoors.

· Sleep Issues. Stress caused by stay-at-home orders, home schooling children, job loss, economic uncertainty and separation from loved ones causes poor and inadequate sleep. Under the best circumstances, poor sleep leads to other health issues. Americans need the opportunity to improve their bedding, which can dramatically improve sleep quality.

· Quality sleep also improves Americans’ ability to fight illness. Further, enhancements like power bases that allow the user to adjust their sleep surface are shown to lessen shortness of breath, help alleviate heart congestion and inflammation, increase blood flow and reduce snoring and sleep apnea.