California Transparency in Supply Chains Act of 2010

The California Transparency in Supply Chains Act of 2010 (SB657) was enacted to increase the amount of information made available by manufacturers and retailers regarding their efforts (if any) to address the issue of slavery and human trafficking, thereby allowing consumers to make better, more informed choices regarding the products they buy and the companies they choose to support.


We (Wine Country Fine Furniture, or “our company”, or “WCFF”) are dedicated to conducting business in a lawful and ethical manner, and it is our expectation that our suppliers also conduct themselves in such a manner.

To ensure that our suppliers comply with these expectations, we have implemented a process that includes:


Policy Verification

WCFF is committed to protecting the working rights and safety of the people who produce and supply products to our company, while recognizing and respecting the cultural and legal differences found throughout the world.

To these ends, WCFF:

  • Prohibits human trafficking and slave labor in its operations

  • Requires compliance with applicable laws and regulations in its operations

  • Expects its direct suppliers (1) to comply, at a minimum, with applicable laws and regulations of the countries in which products/materials are grown or produced, including laws regarding human trafficking and slavery, and (2) to monitor their suppliers for compliance with applicable laws and regulations of the countries in which they are doing business

Through this approach, WCFF believes that practical and realistic protections and improvements for workers will occur. WCFF will seek to identify and use suppliers who share our commitment.

Compliance with Our Code of Conduct


We encourage our suppliers to comply with our Manufacturing Code of Conduct, which requires among other things, that our suppliers “will not use any forced or involuntary labor, whether prison, bonded, indentured or otherwise.” It is expected that our suppliers will require the same standards of their suppliers in turn.

Supplier Audits


Every year WCFF identifies all of our direct suppliers, and WCFF conducts on-site audits of at least one of these suppliers.  WFCC does not audit the suppliers of our suppliers in the developing world to evaluate their compliance with our Manufacturing Code of Conduct and the prohibitions on using child or forced labor. We might retain third parties to perform these audits and these audits may be unannounced.


Employee Training


We train WCFF employees responsible for supply chain management, including those employees who perform on-site audits, on how to identify and respond to supply chain issues, such as forced labor or child labor.

Consequences for Non-Compliance


Suppliers will be terminated if we discover any presence of child or forced labor, and any WCFF employees who ignore any signs of child or forced labor are subject to disciplinary action up to and including termination of employment.

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