Recliner Chairs, Recliner Loveseats,

* Recliner Sofas

* Home Theater Recliners

* Zero Gravity and Lift Recliners

When you want leather furnishings for your home, don’t go with poor quality BiCast or Bonded leather, or order cheap leather furniture from questionable sources! Choose custom leather chairs from Wine Country Fine Furniture and get beautiful custom chairs and sofas that last.

The leather experts we work with know how to choose, match, dye and polish the raw materials that they get to make the pieces. Just let us know what you have in mind for your custom made leather chair and wait for them to work the magic.

8-Way Power Button

for remote control reclining furniture

  • Recline

  • Power headrest

  • Power lumbar support

  • USB plug

  • Return to original position

Recliners for the big man

Other Recliners in a more trim style

A favorite recliner for pets and their loving owners
Mission Style Recliners
Home Theater Recliners
buttons for blue LED lights, headrest, lumbar
and accessory slots for
Tray, LED Light, Phone,
Popcorn Bowl, Wine Glass Holder
The drink holders pop out for dishwashing!
Recliner Loveseats, Recliner Sofas, Wallhugger Recliners, and Recliner Sectionals
Pop-up headrest which extends when the chair reclines


  • Many choices. Tested for 30,000 cycles.

  • Swivel, Glider, and/or Recliner. 

  • Power recline to stop at any position.

  • Press-Back:  Unparalleled operating ease with no power buttons or handles to move or adjust, our “press-back” recliner is controlled by back pressure.  Recline in any position desired.  Adjust the back pressure tension from soft to firmer with a control knob.

Zero Gravity Lift Recliners are the future of comfort

Experience a unique patented positioning technology that will move your body smoothly and quietly into infinite positions with the help of our exclusive AutoDrive™ hand control. A combination of cutting edge technology and our tradition of highest quality materials creates an experience unlike anything else on the market.

Sizes:  Junior Petite, Medium, Tall, and Large / Wide.

Options:  Massage, Heat, Extended Footrest, Power Headrest

Speed:  Go from flat to standing in almost half the time of other leading lift recliners.

All with Zero Gravity (designed by NASA for Astronauts), and Trendelenburg flat positions, to raise feet higher than heart.

Who?   Perfect for those with foot, knee, and hip surgery; for diabetic resting; to help pregnant moms get out of the chair!

Fabric:  Many choices, including Brisa (300,000 double rubs); can be cleaned with 5 to 1 water bleach solution

These Custom Sizing chairs are designed from the ground up to give you the ultimate comfort, especially for extended sitting times.

These are just some of the many styles of leather chairs you can have custom made for you at Wine Country Fine Furniture.


We guarantee the highest quality, the most stylish designs,

and that the result will be durable and strong. 

Wine Country Fine Furniture

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