Dining Room

The dining room is a special room in the home where bonds of family and friendship are born with lifetime memories of holiday celebrations, support, and love. Even when you are grown, you still remember the smell of the wood and the texture of the grain underneath your fingers of the family dining room table. It is important to us that you find the perfect dining room furniture that becomes the centerpiece of family meals, hours of homework, hiding places for kids, celebrations, and the center of memories yet to come.

Since the stories created around your dining room table will last a lifetime - so should the chairs and table. That's why Hooker Furniture and Bermex pride themselves on creating high-quality dining room pieces that are just as enduring as they are beautiful.

Our luxury dining sets can fit any space or style. Whether you prefer a metal, glass or wood dining room table you’ll find it in a square, round or rectangular shape – most of which can extend with the inserts.

Don’t forget to peek at the buffet tables. You can top them with memory-makers as well as unique items that would make any interior decorator proud.


China cabinets always held a special place with me. I was curious about the stories behind the mismatched mementos my mom and dad tucked behind the dustproof glass doors. Those were from precious parts of their past that only they would remember.  

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