Cautions When Considering Less-Expensive Leather Furniture

1. Leather may Eventually Split or Peel. 


If the leather is not one of the Top Grain types, then when used regularly for more than 2 years, the probability increases that it will crack, split, or peel.  But if you only want an inexpensive sofa for 1 or 2 years, you could choose the Split Grain types BiCast (subpar leather coated with polyurethane, or Bonded (less than 17% leather, ground and mixed with other materials, and glued to fabric).

2. Reputation of the Retail Store.

Salespeople and retail stores need to make sales to earn commissions.  Therefore you will want to ask more questions and not rely solely on the sofa’s marketing material.  Ask:

  1. “What type of leather is on this sofa?” 

  2. “How do you define Full Grain, Top Grain Corrected, BiCast, Blended, Vinyl, and Married Leather?”

  3. Did this leather or the sofa/chair come from Asia?

If they won’t or can’t tell you, beware, and then read the note on Outsourced Warranty for Leather Furniture below.Look up reviews in local sites like Yelp or Angie’s List, or their own website.  Look for recent reviews, but also for fake negative reviews by competitors.

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